The Treaster Project

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Treaster meeting other Treasters


This is The purpose of this site is to introduce families with the name of Treaster to one another.   I am simply interested in meeting other Treaster family's and finding out history. I am pleased to now offer this website to all family named TREASTER.

If you want a email address, please let me know and I'll get one set for you. Pictures and stories of the Treaster family are more than welcome. The blog is running here so it will be easier to share those stories - check it out!

There is also a good Treaster presence on FaceBook so sign up and start connecting, most of the people are pretty cool there. I've met Treaster's from all over the country.

This is also a starting place for my repair services, both computer and game console. The game console side is called That Console Repair Guy or TCRG for short. Check out the page for more information.

Please use the contact form for now until I get the rest done.

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